Cancellation Policy

Occasionally, orders or parts of an order are cancelled by our system for various reasons

Some reasons are:

Item(s) not availableDifficulty in processing your payment informationCannot ship to address providedDuplicate order was placedCancelled due to customer’s requestDamaged or faulty itemsIncomplete shipping details provided (address/mobile number)

Can I change or cancel my order?

After you placed an order, your order begins to process. You can definitely request to remove the item or cancel your order to place a whole new one within 24hrs of order confirmation.

**To change or cancel your order prior to shipment, you must contact customer care.

I just cancelled my order, when will I receive the refund?

If you have selected for a bank account refund, you will receive the refund within 5-7 days of order cancellation. For more information on refunds, visit our refund section.