Our Story

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Spais was born in the hearts of a group of friends with a shared love for culinary and cuisines across the world. They could sense the taste from the aroma and relish the colors of spices with enthusiasm. But what worried them most was the rarity of pure spices which could not only lift the taste of dishes to the next level but also provide a healthier option for spice lovers.

This concern led them to delve deep into the possibilities of bringing freshly grounded pure spices to the market. This resulted in SPAIS, which is an outcome of intensive research and studies, extensive travel across India, tasting, re-tasting, blending, and powdering the best tastes from the best spices.


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All SPAIS products are handpicked, directly from farmers and dried and powdered in natural circumstances under expert supervision to ensure the best result. Spais is made with love and utmost care to bring the richest aroma to your dishes. We strongly believe that the feeling behind every successful dish is the love and passion for good food.